SELSAR South East Louisiana Search and Rescue  


To: All SELSAR Members and Agencies

From: Wm. H. "Bill" Dobson, Chairperson

Re: Southeast Louisiana Search and Rescue, (S.E.L.S.A.R.)- Retirement

In 1982 Southeast Louisiana was in desperate need of a well trained and diverse force of first responders who could operate under a unified command to provide swift and successful Search and Rescue Operations. So was the birth of S.E.L.S.A.R. with the first regional consolidation of Local, State, and Federal personnel who each brought special training and equipment resources to the table for a common purpose.

Our work and success stories over a 32 year period are well documented and recognized on a local, national and international level. As a member of this organization you should be proud of the accomplishments you helped achieve and understand that many of our citizens who were touched by our efforts will always remember your hard work.

Most of the original members who participated within the 140 plus agencies and private institutions within our membership have since retired from their jobs and government has redirected its unification to mandates of Homeland Security efforts under state and federal command. With the advent of the USAR teams, our functions have been very limited in the past year(s) and this is the primary reason our Board of Directors has elected to retire S.E.L.S.A.R.

As Chairperson for the past 30 years it has been my pleasure to serve with each of you and your agencies, and I personally want to wish you my best and thank you for the privilege of serving the citizens of Louisiana and the Gulf Region.



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